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Actually no. She wasn’t a big pet person at all. We lived on a farm and had cats and a few dogs as well as cattle but reptiles were never a thought. I really don’t like snakes but always thought lizards were cool when I’d happen to see one in the desert areas near where we lived. It wasn’t until my daughter, who was still living with us and going to college, started working at the pet store and brought home her first beardie with all the supplies that I got to see how cool these little creatures are.

Even though I’ve been taking care of Puff while my daughter was moving around and whatnot, she’s getting married this next Saturday and will be moving into her own house. Once settled she’ll be taking Puff to her place. I really enjoy Puff but my professional schedule this year is going to be rough and she’d like to take care of her anyway. She and her new husband will live fairly close so no doubt Puff will stop by often to chow on clover and play in the sprinklers.

My wife has a great dog named Lily who is one of the family. And I have a cat named Kate who is 19-years-old now and still doing well. Getting kind of skinny but still manages to climb the fence although jumping up to her food dish on her cat stand ended a few a years ago. She just climbs up to it now. She loves to lay in front of heater vents.

Here’s a You Tube slo-mo of Lily catching snow –

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