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Sounds good. Puff is getting her spa treatment today as a matter of fact. Lately I’ve been putting her in the bathtub with a couple inches of water rather than a smaller plastic tub just in case she decides to poop. Plus she can’t climb out ahead of schedule. She hasn’t drunk any water or pooped since going into brumation. I still call it hibernation because at least everyone knows what that is and it’s basically the same thing.

Late last summer we took her to visit my 93-year-old mom who thinks she’s just fabulous. We had her in a 20 gallon tank for travel but she really didn’t want to be in there. So we let her out and she enjoyed moving around the car, hanging out in the back window and whatnot. But she was most interested in wanting up on the dash. She sat on the right side and looked out for quite a while then came over in front of me and positioned herself to get some sun. Later she went to the left side so I thought she wanted down. I put my hand on the dash so she could climb down but instead she just put her arms on the back of my hand and laid there until my arm got tired.

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