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Oh I know all about it. Not my first dragon. My married daughter got me interested years ago when she worked at a pet store. My wife was just being the grandma trying to do what she thought was best for the grandragon. But grandpa is going to let her sleep as long as she wants.

It’s important owners know that in the wild they absorb moisture from the ground while in brumation but can’t do that in a terrarium so they need to be soaked occasionally to stay hydrated. Leaving bowls of water in the terrarium or otherwise making the air humid is NOT an appropriate method of hydration and can promote respiratory problems. Beardies need dry air to breath but the occasional bath of some sort to keep their skin healthy. And of course baths really help when they’re shedding.

She honestly doesn’t like the black bees. Just lets them buzz around but goes after yellow wasps with a vengeance. Must be something about that yellow color that makes them really yummy.

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