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To me, it looks like he had stuck shed either due to humidity issues or the heat lamp too close/hot and they damaged his skin removing the shed skin. I love vets, but they arent always best with reptiles… Leo’s go dark because theyre cold or stressed. For him probably stress. If he were mine, I’d add antibiotic ointment to his back everyday for 1 weeks and see what it does. Also keep his cage extra clean. If it doesnt look better, i’d think more on what Zoodulcis here said and do that… She really knows her stuff. Have vet do a skin culture.

On the eating part, you may need to force feed with a syringe and mooshed up bugs (gross i know, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do). If he wont eat within a week. Try to avoid this for stress reasons. But do your best to just not bug him, keep him quiet but offer him food daily. At very least, leave bugs in an escape proof bowl and show him where. Keep the heat lamp low or farther away to protect his skin and make sure he says warm enough. Poor guy has a long road and a lot of body stress coming to regrow that tail.

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