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Awesome, thanks for the recommendations! I’ll be sure to watch them with my kids because they’re so intrigued with them and want to hold them constantly. The monitor is coming around to being touched, just needs time to learn our voices/scents/etc but itll be so cool when they get bigger. Huffs and puffs a bit, but hasn’t actually nipped anyone. Itll calm down I would hope.

I actually do have an enclosure in the works, it’s gonna be 6x6x8 because I wanted to be able to get in and clean stuff, along with allowing them to climb a bit. The eco earth I have mixed with sand so the dens he/She has been building stay and they can go down into. I’ve had all sorts of reptiles prior, but this will definitely be the biggest. It’ll be great too when it finally stays warm so the beardie, basilisk, and monitor can get some real sun. I’ve always had outdoor enclosures I’ve used for them in the summer so they can be outside a bit.

I thoroughly enjoy the questions/comments from everyone – it’s always fun to chat with fellow reptile enthusiasts 🙂 and by all means, suggest away, you can never learn enough about these creatures.

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