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What a sweetheart! It’s interesting how some cats pick up on ways to interact with other family pets. My two cats can be trusted around an open poultry brooder in the house. They may jump in to sit under the heat lamp and watch the chicks and turkey poults, but that is all they do. Eventually they just get bored and jump out again. The first couple of times I caught one of them in there, I freaked out. Then I calmed down and just observed the next time I saw one getting ready to jump in. With extreme delicacy and caution, the cat that does it the most slipped down into the poultry box on paw at a time, being careful to scare the birds into a corner so she didn’t step on them, but not scare them too much. Eventually the little birds just clustered around her. It was absolutely fascinating and I let go of my anxiety after that. Sounds like Daniel is that kind of good citizen as well.

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