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Research is not only important for the animal’s well-being, it also improves the relationship you form with them. When you understand what an animal needs, you get a first row seat into their world and the entire experience is more positive.

Besides Gus, I currently keep over half a dozen fire-bellied toads (which started as a male/female pair), two milk frogs and a crocodile newt. They may make their own cameos in future posts! In the past I’ve kept green tree frogs, White’s tree frogs, dwarf African clawed frogs, a Sierra newt, and another horned frog (a sweet boy with MBD). Most were deliberate decisions, but a few were given to me or needed immediate homes.

For any beginner with their heart set on an owning an amphibian, fire-bellied toads are hard to beat. Hardy, amiable, and easy to care for. White’s are also great, but 20 year life spans are not uncommon. Horned frogs are sold as beginner pets but are really intermediate as far as care.

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