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Athena is adorable! I wanted to make a suggestion, the substrate is not really a great idea for the fact that she may accidentally get it on her tongue while trying to get a piece of the food or a live insect. Unlike humans, she wouldn’t be able to use a hand to get it out of her mouth & would have no choice but to swallow it which would cause all sorts of health issues possibly death. Paper towels work very well & easy to swap out with new, slate tiles or no adhesive shelf liner. I bought mine at Target for $10. It’s a black rubber, grippy thing & it’s huge to cut down to size. I use paper towel where mine go potty & it keeps the enclosure clean. I have heard that the pellets are not good to feed but you can do research if you want to look into that. They seem like they would be hard to digest so there may be some truth in what I read. Again, she is super adorable!!

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