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I don’t have specific substrate recommendations for you, since there are so many variables in play here. But my instincts say that you are completely on the right track, however, I would caution you to be patient and let him adjust a little longer before adding new challenges. I certainly would not add another animal to his enclosure at this point. Just keep on doing everything the way you are for at least another month. Only then should you move him to a more spacious tank, which by then he will really appreciate without being so stressed by yet another change that he stops eating. Then, after a few more weeks, re-evaluate the idea of a companion and make sure that it still seems like a good idea. It might very well be, but right now is too soon in his convalescence to be sure, which is actually what this period with you is for him. With the kind of conscientious care you are providing, he should have turned around in less than 6 months. He will live a long time with the right kind of husbandry, which includes careful observation of his habits so that you will know if things take a turn for the worst at any point. Since the previous owner sounds like a *******, thinking his pet was 2 years old when he was actually much younger, it is likely that this frog has had many owners already in his short life. Besides being patient, and keeping the substrate change on the back burner for a while, it might be prudent to take a fecal sample to a vet to make sure that a parasite load acquired from his previously poor care may be adding to some of his coordination problems.

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