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Wow, this is interesting. I’m going to guess that he is going through an equivalent of a pre-teen phase. His head-butting may be a result of seeing his own reflection in the glass. Try placing cardboard on the inside of the enclosure that’s about 3 inches high when resting on the substrate. See if that makes a difference. If it does, some screening may be in order for the next several months. Also, if handling him is important to you, don’t let up right now. Gently but firmly insist. You might try to sweeten the deal while he goes through a difficult phase by putting a treat on your hand that you don’t allow him to have any other time. Or when it’s the first food item of the day, followed by the rest of the meal placed in his enclosure as usual.

This is what I would do and I hope it helps. Super curious as to what happens in the next couple of weeks with this turn of events.

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