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Oh that is too bad. I am so sorry. When people ask me in advance of a purchase, I tell them to never, ever, purchase from a chain petstore.

It does sound like a respiratory infection. Your vet may or may not allow you to pick up the medication without another office visit. That is a policy that I have seen vary from practice to practice. Some tips in the meantime are to make sure that the humidity in his enclosure is no higher than 30%. Remove his water bowl for most of the day if you have to. Also, make sure the air circulation is great, but not drafty necessarily. A small fan that blows across the top of the enclosure (assuming that it’s screen) will suck the air out regularly without chilling the pet. If the top is not screened, but is solid, run, do not walk, to find a screen to place over the top, even if it’s ugly. It’s just temporary. If you decide not to go to the vet, you could try an immune-boosting product such as the one listed below. This is not an endorsement since I have never used it, but you can read the reviews and decide for yourself if this a product you want to employ.

I will be keeping my fingers crossed that he begins to improve. The good news is that they often do.

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