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Trisha Atwell

No I’m not 100% that it is a boy.. we have a leopard gecko that’s my daughter’s and she named her Lola but we’re not 100% that she’s a female either LOL they both were just a few weeks old when we got them the leopard gecko I got from a breeder and she is doing extremely well great appetite moves around comes out and drinks water.. great experience with this breeder! Unfortunately the bearded dragon we got from pet supermarket and he has not been doing good since the day I got him, it breaks my heart because my son loves him and not only that he has became part of our family we all love him! I originally bought him to the vet, because I was worried that he had upper respiratory infection or an eye infection because his I kept leaking clear fluid and he had his eyes shut for a few days.. well the doctor gave me something for an eye infection and sent me on my way after taking my $135.. and I am 100% that he has a respiratory infection, it looks like he’s having a hard time swallowing and then all the sudden he’ll open his mouth and like gasp for air, and I don’t mean the type of mouth gaping they do when they’re overly hot.. no this it’s as if he’s having trouble breathing and you’ll see him trying to swallow or whatever he’s doing in there and his throat and then all of a sudden in his mouth will pop open, wide open and you can hear like a click noise every time he does it, I’ve also done some research on my own and it’s very common for them to get upper respiratory infections along with side effects of watery eyes and stuff like that.. so I believe that’s why his eye is causing issues, but it all stems down from the upper respiratory infection.. I don’t feel like she should charge me another hundred and something dollars to go back in to get an antibiotic for that when I brought that up in her original appointment! So I’m hoping I can call her tomorrow and maybe she’ll just tell me that I can come in and pick up the antibiotic and only pay for that instead of having to be seen again two days later and have to pay the $100 and something dollars for an office visit, when they should have been addressed in the first office visit when I brought it up the first time!!

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