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I had 3 hatchling turtles that I had rescued from a pool filter in early spring, they had gotten stuck in there twice the pool was empty they were weak and unlikely to survive so I took them in.  by Mid/late summer they had grown so much upkeep was nearly impossible and they were healthy as could be so I new it was almost time to release them.  My turtles would always swim up to me when I approached the tank they would follow me and would even ask to be held believe it or not, obviously I had become pretty attached to my “little dinosaurs” as I called them and was getting really nervous to see them go but I knew it was time, they were ready.  I was at the pet store getting what I knew was the last round of filters and turtle food when I saw buddy.  he came right up to me, followed me just like my turtles did, and just reminded me so much of them.  I had never had a bearded dragon or any kind of lizard before but it was an instant connection.  I loved him.  I named him Buddy because that’s what he is.  He is very friendly and social.  He loves to be out and about with us.  He goes on walks and golf cart rides with me and the dogs, he hangs out with me while I work.  Hes the best pet I’ve ever had!

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