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It is possible to feed lizards pill bugs all of their lives with no problems. However, it is a bit of Russian roulette. Virtually all pillbugs carry thorny headed worms, a gastrointestinal parasite. These nasties attach themselves to the gut of the animal host. For reasons scientists are uncertain of, a severe infestation of this endoparasite affects some lizards all lot, but many not at all. A lizard suffering from this parasite will display “Ill thrift, weight loss, anorexia, diarrhea, abdominal discomfort or colic…” Ill thrift is a veterinary term that indicates the animal is ‘poorly’ dull eyes, dull skin, lethargic, and so forth without being outright ill. So in the end, the choice is yours, take the risk or not. This parasite is easily eliminated by inexpensive yearly worming, so if you want to continue to give your pet pill bugs, there is probably no harm in it, but it’s good to be informed that there are risks.

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