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Males and females can be kept together without fear of unwanted babies, and there’s no need to worry about ratios of males to females. Basically for them to breed they need to be kept in a rain chamber.

As for food,  they’ll eat any insects that are no bigger than the width between their eyes.  I give free range crickets to hunt and rotate between roaches, superworms, cut up night crawlers and treats like wax and horn worms.   I dust with Repashy Calcium plus a couple times a week (more often for babies).   They are eager eaters, occassionally grabbing a tank mate if in the way of the food. Mine seem to have a pecking order at the roach bowl…. Bucket and Galaxy go first and Watson sits back and watches the show till its his tern! I feed mine every other day (their almost 4″s, so sub-adult). They are prone to obesity, so keep them on a diet so they don’t turn into pudgy frogs!

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