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Youre welcome. I have a little of everything. Plan on getting another Leo here soon and id love a beardie in the future. lol. But yeah, imo the most important things are correct temps and diet. If youre ever unsure about anything, i always look it up and read a few different sites. Or just ask on here. I dont even use the stick on kind thermometer. I use digital or probe. They seem to work the best for me. Tokay’s look so cool to me, I have one house gecko that watches for me to drop in food to sneak out past me. He like running across the ceiling and hiding when I get near. Had to make a ‘feeding door’ that he cant quickly but feeders can. lol. The rest have learned to move to the other side of the tank when I tap on it. But hes a trouble maker. But im sure they have a bearded dragon care guide on here if youre interested in any tips it may have.

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