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Thanks for the links. I’ll give them a read when I get done. You seem like you are in here a lot and I wish you luck in the cricket contest. You said you don’t have a bearded dragon, I was about to ask what you have. I then saw yur post. You have a lot. I always liked geckos. I’ve had a Tokay Gecko for 13 years and it was mean but very cool especially when it ate fuzzy mice. He would get out his cage with the smallest crack left in the top. He would get out and run on the walls and ceiling and bark like a dog. I had to wear gloves to catch him cause he had a bad bite. One of the coolest lizards I’ve ever owned.

Oh for the temps I have a stick on thermometer and a temperature gun. I hate that thing it never reads right. I do need another thermometer for the cool side. I actually never checked the cool side. I need to though.

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