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And good morning to you both.

I should give you more specific information regarding what I’ve seen with the forum format.

The link in the email I was referring to is the alert when someone responds to the thread.  For instance- “Post Link:” I use Gmail and sync it to Outlook on my desktop and to to my phone. If I go directly to Gmail the link is good and works fine. Same with my phone. My desktop uses AVG antivirus so it appears that program could be disabling the link. However, I receive other emails with links and they work fine. Usually it requires holding Ctrl while clicking. So it appears there’s just a compatibility issue there. Not a big deal.

Now what’s weird though is in the example post Keymaster posted, it shows the “Reply” button along with several others. I only have a Reply button. No other options are on that line. Before you posted I did discover that Reply was there but you’re right, it’s small and grayed-out so I just didn’t see it. Again not a big deal once users know where it is. But in my case there’s no “Edit” option either. But it is there for a short time immediately after I post. It goes away a few minutes later. So on my screen all of my posts show “Reply” and the post number. That’s it.

If the program is supposed to allow multiple picture files to be selected then again, there must be a compatibility issue with my Mozilla browser or the AVG program. I haven’t tried posting from another browser yet but I will.

That said, I do post on other forums such as RC Groups and have no issues at all. With their format they have “Preview” and “Submit” prominently below the edit box and attaching multiple pictures works fine. I will also use many times and just put the picture link in the post. But that’s more work of course.

I have a WordPress site with a theme that behaves strangely as well regardless of what browser or computer I use. If I produce a post from the “visual” editor, it will randomly place extra spaces between paragraphs and under picture links. Sometimes dozens. If I switch to the HTML editor screen it shows all the extra returns. I edit them out, repost from that editor and the article looks fine. So sometimes certain programs just don’t play well with others and there’s no obvious reason why. The webmasters at WordPress had no ideas either.

Just for fun I’m going to put a picture link here and see what happens. She didn’t want to stay in the house so I brought her out with me while I was working in a shed-


So it’s possible that people using the forum from their phones under Apple or Android or using a Microsoft browser may not be seeing the issues I am. But like I said, I do frequent other forums and don’t have the same issues I see here.

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