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That type of harness is the same one I would also recommend. Isn’t difficult to put on, the ropes are soft and it isn’t restrictive at all.

Still can’t post more than one pic. When I click “Browse” and try to select more than one file using Ctlr or Shift, only the single file clicked is selected regardless of the file size. If I do select a file then go back and select another file, the previous file is replaced. Something else odd about this forum format is the “Reply” button always stays under the first post. Most forums have the Reply button and a Preview button under the last post a person wants to reply to. I don’t see a preview button at all.

Also, the link to the thread in the alert email that arrives is not clickable. If the entire URL is copied and pasted then it gives an error. The URL minus the post number has to be copied and pasted to get to the thread.

I’m using Mozilla and maybe it works differently under Edge or Explorer but this forum format just seems much more difficult to use that most others I frequent.

By the way, none of these pictures are ever posed. She just goes and does what she wants, within reason of course.

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