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I agree with this, but if you are going to go to all of the trouble, I would use a 10% bleach solution. Put everything in the dishwasher that won’t melt and soak everything else in bleach. Spray the sides and inside corners with bleach. Not only will this take care of the ants, it will destroy any potential pathogens that might eventually become a problem. All items that have come into contact with bleach will have to be rinsed several times in tap water and allowed to air dry for 2 or more hours. Only then should Horny go back in. Once you have done all of that, you might try a thin line of Tanglefoot around the bottom of the tank. That way you not only protect the inside of the tank, you will be able to see if re-colonization is being attempted. With a powder repellent, a good idea under some circumstances, you won’t really know. Tanglefoot is available in the garden section of Home Depot.

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