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I’d keep the name that anyway. lol. And if you tried all that and still have them, id say that they are reproducing in your tank. Try taking everything out and cleaning it very well I’d use equal parts vinegar, baking soda and water because thats harmful to ants but not your beardie. Id let it soak for a while too so any that may survive the cleaning drown. Rinse about 100 times before replacing Horny. It looks like you have some sort of tile so thatll make it easier. And keep doing the tape and Vaseline. Id also do the tape on the outside of the tank in case the ants are climbing in and just jumping into the tank, bypassing the traps you set with the tape, etc inside. Ants also dont like walking through powder, so maybe line the edges of your tank with calcium powder (figure thats best since its good for your lizard anyway.) Hope it helps.

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