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The honey snowflake blue-eyed is very rare and the super snowflake is rare and they came from a breeder. Watson I got at a Repticon as a 3/4″ froglet for $15. All 3 are captive bred.  The normals and even the low expression snowflakes are pretty easy to find, even places like Petco occassionally have them. They are easy to care for, need 20 gallon high for 1 frog and 10 gallons for each extra frog.  I keep mine in an a 36″hx24″wx18″d cage.  Mine is bioactive and planted with lots of corkbark hides and logs to climb with a big water bowl for soaking. They are forest frogs and only require 30-50% RH, not a real wet environment. And a basking area of about 86f with a cool side of  mid 70s.  I feed crickets and roaches, and they are very comical eaters–clamoring over each others to get into the roach bowl. I let them hunt the crickets for their enrichment and my own amusement! Here’s a better picture of Bucket, the blue-eyed honey snowflake.

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