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We got a couple different sizes of leather harnesses and they’re just a little too wide at the legs so they rub on her neck. They could be trimmed to be a little better fitting but honestly I just decided she didn’t need a harness. My wife bought one of those ones with the wings because she thought it was cute. But it has a metal triangle on top that holds the wings on and it could slip and push on dragon’s back so I wouldn’t put that one on her anyway unless the wings were removed. But it does have big, soft rope that goes around the legs and and clasp on the back. That would seem to be less uncomfortable. A coworker at my wife’s office walks her dragon with a harness and leash on the sidewalk to help rub down those needle talons. So whatever works and is best for the dragon.

My 92-year-old mother loved hearing about Puff so we took her to our farm where my mom still lives so she could meet her. We had a 10g transport and sleeping terrarium with us but Puff wanted to see what was going on while we were driving. She hung out sunning on the dash and checking out the scenery.

For some reason she likes to hold my hand. We bonded early on but it’s just funny how she does that. And when we got to grandmas she just climbed up the arm of the chair and said, “Hello.” My mom thought it was the neatest thing ever.

I have a bunch of great pictures but apparently only one at a time can be posted so I’ll just post a few.

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