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That is a perfectly adorable picture of her eating the clover.

I agree that these are in essence wild animals, and as such can be a bit unpredictable. Not unlike humans!  Diligence in observation is so important when letting pets outside.  I have friends who have lost reptiles and birds this way.  Just one moment of inattention and vanishing act happens!

I have actually done the long line thing and it does work.  Once when trying to train a very small baby goat to stay with the new herd in the backcountry, I put a harness and long line on the little guy.  Sure enough, at some point he got confused and frightened and tried to take off.  The line saved the day.  We were able to restrain him without actually having to get our hands on him.  If the Princess takes off again, you might consider it.  What is it exactly about the harness that seems uncomfortable for her?

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