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To be honest I think we got lucky that this beardie has such a good personality. Just like any animal, and people, some can be smart and easy going and others not so much. After pooping in the grass she just decided that was where she preferred to go and she knows the grass is outside the door. Or outside her glass palace at least. But her first winter is coming so we’re not sure how that’s going to go. We’ll have to see if we can put something in her palace she’ll go on or something on the hardwood floor that she’s comfortable with.

Puff did have her teenage years and ran off once when I turned my head for two seconds. Was working in the backyard while she was in the middle of the lawn sunning but as most know when they decide to run they can be really fast. Looked for hours. She was gone for over a week. Then while I was working in the yard again one day there she was sitting on a piece of sod near me. It was like she looked up at me and said, “I don’t like the wild. Take me back.”

But as anyone with a beardie likely also knows, when they want to hide they can do it very well. My wife was watching her from the deck when Puff walked over to the edge of the deck out of sight. My wife got up to go get her and Puff had magically disappeared. We looked for an hour and didn’t find her. The next day she was sitting out there like, “Why didn’t you come get me?” But yesterday I sat her in front of her clover plant and she just sat there for probably 20 minutes enjoying the outdoors while I was weeding.

So the bottom line to letting them outside is the diligence of the owner to watch them constantly and knowing that some dragons will just want to run away because they are still wild animals. There’s just no getting around that. We have a leash for Puff but honestly I’ve never used it because it looks really uncomfortable for her. After I get one or make one that’s better designed I might try it. But even at that they’re still just for walking them. They should never be used to keep them tied in one spot or anything like that.

I joked with my wife that what we need to do is put a harness on her with about 20 feet of bright pink or orange string. Then if she wonders off into the bushes or something at least we would have a trail to follow to find her.

Here’s a pic of her chowing her clover, spit and all. She gets crickets for breakfast and man does she love those. She has the most fun when we let her chase them around on the floor. It’s fun to watch her slide and hear her little claws go, “Tikitikitikitikitiki…” on the laminate.

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  • This reply was modified 4 years, 10 months ago by XionUAV.

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