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I am so glad that big Chonkers is still among the living. Now, onto the tricky part. Tong feeding is not just a matter of presenting a dead thing right in front of your pet’s face. It is an art form, one that can be a bit gross. Regarding pinkies, the trick is to make them ‘dance.’ Macabre I know. But the point of tong feeding is two-fold. One, is to keep your fingers safe, and two, is to fool your pet. To do this effectively, the dead prey must seem virtually alive. Review some Youtube videos of people tong feeding their pets, any pets. Focus on their technique for making the prey seem to be alive. It may be that this is what the pet shop people are good at, while you may need some more practice.

I hope this was enlightening and my fingers are crossed for you and Chonkers. Don’t hesitate to check in again with questions and observations.

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