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Hi guys!

So I figured I’d update the thread just because it’s a been a while and will upload a recent picture of the monitor. We did figure out that it is a girl, so she’s been named “Joanna” just like the monitor from the rescuers down under. It’ll be hard to tell from the pictures, but she is roughly 16 inches long now and is a chunky thing. Also, the picture included is her normal resting position all day long – so she’s a bum until she’s hungry, haha. She is eating a lot of crickets and mazuri insectivore food and I bring her outside when weather permits. She can be cantankerous some days, but most of the time she likes being held and I currently have her in a 75 gallon tank. The plans for the cage I was going to build got held off temporarily due to our oldest dog having issues, so it took a good chunk of our funds. Anyways, just wanted to post this update 🙂

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