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      Please help, idk what this is and it looks like it’s getting worse.

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      Ok, first, did all that stuck shed come off? If not, up the humidity in the enclosure for a day or two or soak him for a few mins and rub it with a qtip.

      The Injury on the back looks like either another reptile bit him (if he’s alone, then not what happened) or maybe a burn from a heat lamp. Different wattages need to be different distances away from the highest branch or top of the enclosure, if they stay on or near that. 100 wattnis 12 inches minimum, for example. Also make sure there are shady areas they can get out of the heat lamp AND uv lamps light. They can get uv burns, supposedly.

      **For this injury, I’d gently clean with with a wet qtip with warm water. Dry it with a dry one or paper towel by gently tapping it. Only do this the one time unless it gets dirt or something on it. Than apply a little antibacterial ointment daily for 7 days. Again, use a qtip. It should be well enough on his own healing by then to stop. Since he shed, it’s possible that’s why it looked worse to you. He may have just reopened it when the shed came off. Hopefully there’s enough healthy skin for it to heal, I cannot tell here. Any injury that bleeds bright red, normal looking blood is healthy. If it doesn’t begin to look better and heal after the 5-7 days of antibiotic ointment, take it to a vet if you can. If there isn’t healthy flesh, they’ll need to remove any that has died for new health flesh to heal.

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