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      Cricket Contest!!!!! Everyone READ

      My friend won in January. Got nothing. Her post are being deleted and no admin or moderator will help. She has done nothing wrong but brought alot of reptile lovers to this site and its unfair when she finally wins she gets nothing. Someone needs to reach out to her. Give her the prize she earned.

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      You know, I have wondered about this. I’ve won in the past (twice, I also had the most votes for March. Haven’t heard anything also) and they do give you a code in your email about a week after winning. BUT, they also had a zoologist that pretty much ran this contest. She’s been gone since about August of last year.. I’ve also noticed that their winner list hasn’t updated since then. If you/she goes to the main site and click contact us there’s and email you can reach out to the company. But I’ve already done that asking about the contest because of the reasons I just mentioned, nothing yet either. Good luck.. I rescue and re-home and this site really helped that, now I doubt I can afford to take in so many…

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