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      Ball python not pooping

      I have recently “adopted” a ball python. She was in a “foster” home before finally reaching us. Because of that we don’t know exactly how old she is, but we assume she is around 3 years old. She is over 3 feet long, and the nicest snake ever. Her first owner was a teacher and she used to live in his classroom, surrounded by kids (therefore, she was in need for a vacation). She came to us in a 40 gallon tank, with aspen bedding, one hide, water bowl and a fake plant. Now, after a makeover, she has a new bio active soil, two hides, climbing branches, moss, a bigger natural water bowl, thermometer, hygrometer, and anyway… all the good stuff. We do our best to make sure her environment is at the right temperature and humidity.
      All that being said… Kai is still my first snake, and most of my knowledge has come from reading and researching. She has been with us for a month and a half, and she has been doing pretty well. But the problem is… she hasn’t pooped in 4 weeks (I believe it to be that long, however I have found a dried dropping under her previous bedding, but can’t tell when it was from). She has not lost her appetite, and will eat her food immediately when offered. She was previously eating adult mice, however upon advice from the people from the pet store that the size of the mice could be causing this problem (seeing she wasn’t being satisfied), we have moved up to small rats as of last week. Her last meal was Sunday, and she hasn’t pooped yet. I have tried soaking her, which she surprisingly seemed to enjoy, but that didn’t seem to make a difference.
      Should I take her to the vet at this point? She has no other symptoms besides that. Do I keep her feeding schedule? Anything else I can try? Looking for kind advice.

      Picture of my sweet girl for illustration.

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      There used to be a very knowledgeable zoologist here for advice but she’s been gone for months. Haven’t heard a peep about why or when she’ll return. Here is an article she wrote on this.,want%20to%20help%20them%20out.

      Bathe/soak daily for 15 minutes, gently running your hands down her belly from head to tail. If you feel any bulges you can gently massage it if you’d like. I’d check that whole tank for poop, the fact that she’s still interested in eating has me wondering if she’s just not burrowing a little when she poops (my ball python did that lol he’d wiggle into the substrate and poop) or doing it hidden or in the water bowl. Make sure her heat is on point for digestion. Also maybe try a heat mat with a temp gage under the tank on her warm side. Some reptiles need belly heat to digest. You can also try soaking her rats/mices fur with water to help her water consumption.

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